Open Ph.D Student Positions

Flight dynamics and control lab ( at the George Washington University is looking for new doctoral students. There are two open positions for each of the following projects.

  • Uncertainty Propagation for Hybrid Systems
  • This project is to construct comprehensive computational techniques for stochastic analysis of hybrid systems evolving on a nonlinear configuration manifold, including uncertainty propagation, Bayesian estimation, and stochastic optimal control schemes. In particular, backgrounds in the following topics are desired.
    • Stochastic analysis
    • Hybrid systems
    • Estimation
    • Geometric mechanics
    This position will be funded by AFOSR, starting from Fall 2018.
  • Dynamics and Control of Flapping Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • This project aims to uncover the biomechanics of Monarch butterflies exhibiting the longest flight range among insects, and to utilize it to develop bio-inspired control schemes for long-range flapping-wing micro aerial vehicles. Backgrounds in the following topics are desired.
    • Nonlinear dynamics
    • Nonlinear control theory
    • Aerodynamics
    • Geometric mechanics
    This position will be funded by NSF, starting from summer 2018.
For both positions, it is expected that the candidates have expertise in structured programming.

To apply, or to request more information, please contact The application should include CV, a list of publications, and a list of reference, and it should be submitted as a single PDF file.